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Saturday, September 28, 2013

The 2013 Knoxville Film Festival Premiere of "Dreams Of The Wayward"

Ben Neal and I (Grant Bromley) had a great turnout for the September 21, 2013 Knoxville Film Festival premiere of Dreams of The Wayward - our first feature film.  A big thanks to everyone who attended the screening and the panel we were on called "So, You Want To Make A Feature?" - we had a great time getting to share this experience with you.
If you saw the film (or would like to learn about it and see the trailer), check out our IMDb page and give us a rating: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2329110/?ref_=rvi_tt

Here are a few pictures from the premiere festivities.
Ben Neal and Grant Douglas Bromley at the VIP event on September 19th.
Grant Bromley, Mark McIntyre, and Ben Neal at the Dreams of The Wayward premiere.
Grant Bromley and Ben Neal anticipating the Dreams of The Wayward premiere.
Q&A after the screening moderated by Keith McDaniel (left) with Grant Bromley, Ben Neal, and Erich Rettstadt (director of the short musical State Debate).
Dylan Baker (Todd Solondz' 1998 film Happiness) posing with Grant Bromley and Ben Neal.
[Top photo courtesy of the Knoxville Film Festival].

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